Ruby Wax: Cast Away

2 × 60"2023

Comedian Ruby Wax has been battling with depression for over 15 years. Now on a mission to open up public discussion about mental health, she’s putting her own mind through the ultimate test: she’ll be marooned on an isolated Madagascan Island for ten days, pitting her wits against the uncompromising force of Mother Nature, with only herself and a camera to talk to.


Filmed across two episodes, with minimal crew contact, Ruby will experience life as a true castaway as she documents her entire experience using her own handheld camera, isolated sound pack and wearable body-cams. From showing Ruby’s life back in London with her family, and getting advice from original survival poster girl and close personal friend Joanna Lumley, to her lifesaving survival training on the island, before being completely isolated for seven days - we’ll get unfiltered honesty about her highs and lows on the island and bigger reflections on her life.  


One woman. Ten days. The ultimate survival experience. Ruby Wax: Cast Away will be an epic study of solitude and mental fortitude - where Ruby’s biggest challenge will be her own mind.