Richard E. Grant’s Hotel Secrets

Series 18 × 60"2012

Richard E. Grant’s Hotel Secrets is a high-end, luxury travel series that tells the fascinating, scandalous and often downright debauched stories of some of the world’s most famous hotels. Across eight episodes this glossy, often irreverent, series takes Richard from New York to Paris, London to LA, Vegas to Ireland and the French Riviera, all in the name of digging deep into the history of landmark hotels such as the Savoy in London, the George V in Paris, the Waldorf Astoria in New York and LA’s unique Chateau Marmont to name but a few.

Richard’s energy, enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and infectious desire to ask the unaskable has created a series rich in fascinating facts, laugh out loud revelations and top drawer names from Britt Ekland to Donald Trump, hotelier Andre Balaz to Salvador Dali’s muse, and top chefs, designers and hotel insiders.

Shot like the inside pages of Condé Nast Traveller, Hotel Secrets is a stunning blend of archive, interview and experiential moments where Richard digs deep into the psychology of what makes people behave badly in hotels, right through to learning how to lay a table to the exacting standards of the Ritz.


“It's utterly frivolous, but he's enjoying himself so much it seems churlish not to share his glee.”
Gill CrawfordRadio Times
“Richard E Grant's Hotel Secrets is pretty close to a television equivalent of one of those Hip Hotel coffee-table books - an opportunity for a bit of vicarious glamour. But Grant’s presence, mischievous and vulgar in just the right way, makes it work.”
Tom SutcliffeThe Independent