Joanna Lumley’s Postcards

Series 16 × 30"2017

From her private home study, Joanna Lumley looks back on her previous travelogue adventures and gives new insights into her voyages. The series begins with Joanna’s fascinating journey along the Nile from Egypt to Sudan, looking back at an unforgettable camel ride and her famous Dukhan beauty treatment.

Subsequent episodes take Joanna across mainland Greece where she meets the world-famous singer Nana Mouskouri and savours the ancient fortune telling fumes in Delphi, and back to her mammoth journey across the breadth of Russia revisiting the country she remembers as a young model in the ‘60s, drinking gold-flaked vodka with a Russian oligarch, and experiencing a nail-biting border crossing. Cruising amongst the Greek Islands, Joanna encounters a shipping magnate, a slumbering volcano and a tiny village that communicates using an ancient whistled language. The fifth instalment takes her back to China and Mongolia, walking the Great Wall at dawn, milking horses with Mongolian nomads, and coming face to face with a mighty manifestation of Genghis Khan.

In the final episode, Joanna travels through breath-taking Ethiopia to the source of the Nile in Uganda and Rwanda, and accidentally gets baptised along the way! These are the postcards from her travels...

WINNERNational Geographic Traveller Reader AwardsSCREEN & SOUND2017