50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy

Series 16 × 60"2014

50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy sees an Irish mammy and her thrill-seeking son embark on a series of extraordinary adventures across the globe including Africa, Asia and the USA. In each episode Nancy and Baz Ashmawy (How Low Can You Go?) set sail on a journey designed by Baz to test his Mammy’s mettle.

Nancy is a 70 year old pensioner, and for the last 10 years has watched Baz gallivanting around the world throwing himself into all manner of extreme situations, all in the name of entertaining the nation. Until now Nancy has been a proud mother and occasionally worried bystander, but recently she’s got the itch, an insatiable urge to grab life by the horns and try a few new experiences on for size.

Baz knows exactly where Nancy’s limits lie and has planned a round the world trip that will gently take Nancy to those limits, slowly inching her past them week by week, as far as she can go. From skydiving to alligator wrangling, 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy takes viewers on a unique adventure, experiencing the endearing relationship between a brave Irish mammy and her daredevil only son.

WINNERIrish Film and Television AwardsBEST ENTERTAINMENT2015
“It’s TV gold.”
Andrew CollinsThe Guardian
“The undeniably sweet relationship between Baz and Nancy means that Sky’s on to something quite special.”
Nicole VassellDaily Telegraph
“A lovely portrait of a mother and son who appear to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.”
“Never mind Brendan O’Carroll in saggy tights, this Irish mammy is much funnier and an inspiration to us all.”
Ellen E JonesThe Independent