100 Vaginas

1 × 60"2019

A poetic, taboo-busting documentary, photographer Laura Dodsworth interviews and photographs 18 women from ages 19 to 77 about how their vulvas and vaginas have shaped their lives.

Their stories are intimate, moving, powerful and funny. These women share their experiences of puberty, periods, virginity, sex, birth, motherhood, menopause, pleasure, sex, trauma, rape, FGM and the impact of porn, gender and religion – to better understand this part of themselves and its definitive role in women’s lives.



“Extraordinary and empowering ...gently but firmly and relentlessly radical.”
The Guardian *****
“The camera work in 100 Vaginas is exquisite... Channel 4’s documentary feels quietly revolutionary. ”
The Independent *****
“...the film felt like a vital and powerful conversation.”
The Times
“Each topic is covered with a perfect combination of directness and compassion. I was moved to tears…”
The Telegraph *****